River Parade of States

This event showcases and celebrates the distinct cultural differences among the states within India, each of which has its own culture, food, language, music and costumes.

Indian Dance Show (lasts over 2 hours)

Dancers in authentic costumes from the various States of India are represented in these dance performances.

Bollywood Zumba

This is a fun, interactive event where participants are given the opportunity to move to the music of India’s “Bollywood” films.

Bhangra Dance-Along

Another chance to join in and move to this high-energy Indian Folk Dance form. Once you try it you can see for yourself why it is so very popular across India.

Henna Temporary Tattoos

Popular in the US, but people of ancient India used this form of temporary tattoo for religious ceremonies, wedding festivals, and for simple body adornment.

Food Court with Indian Food Vendors

The menu items of the 10 Indian food vendors are specifically tailored to showcase the different cuisines of the various regions of India.

Indian Bazaar

Booths selling beautiful hand-made crafts, clothes and accessories.

Diya Ceremony

Traditional Candle Lighting and Release – In the beautiful tradition of the Festival of Lights, flower-shaped candles are lit and gently placed in the body of water.

Fireworks Finale

Lighting up the skies with fireworks is described as a symbol of the “light” literally exploding into the heavens – taking the message of goodness and light upwards into the sky.